White fillings (Tooth coloured fillings)

A filling replaces part of the tooth that is lost by decay, trauma and parafunctional habits like grinding.

In Burnaby dental group we placed tooth colored fillings 3 Easy Steps
1. No anesthesia or minimal anesthesia
2. Tooth preparation
3. Bonding with Composite

White fillings closely match natural tooth color, needs less tooth preparation,are strong,harden in seconds and easily repairable.

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Root Canal Treatment(RCT)

Root canal is a treatment to repair and save a damaged tooth caused either by decay, infection and trauma
1. Diagnosis and required X-rays
2. Anesthesia
3. Access is created through tooth or crown. Pulp is removed. Canal is disinfected, cleaned and shaped
4. Obturation and sealing of canals
5. Final restoration and X-ray

Most of the Root canals can be accomplished in single visit. In Burnaby dental group,root canals can be done with or without Oral Conscious Sedation.



In Burnaby dental group Extractions of wisdom teeth, or any other teeth within the mouth, are performed in virtually painless manner by Local anesthesia. Pt who are nervous, anxious extractions can be done by Sedation(Oral Conscious Sedation)
Teeth extraction is done in teeth which are broken, non restorable, crowded
Tooth extractions may be performed when a tooth is broken, damaged or diseased, or if the tooth results in overcrowding in the mouth.

Wisdom Teeth extraction is not uncommon and is a result of wisdom teeth being impacted, not growing in properly or at the correct angle, or causing overcrowding or pericornitis.